The Aardsma Agency provides these resources for our valued clients. Clients can login and gain access to the resources listed on this page. We also provide unrestricted additional resources on our Aardsma Archives page.

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  • Activity Participation Agreement
  • Building Use Agreement
  • Contractor Agreement – Sample
  • Equipment Use Agreement – Sample
  • Facilities Use Agreement
  • Photo Use Agreement



  • Accident and Emergency Checklists
  • Building & Property Security Checklist
  • Construction Checklist
  • Cyber Checklist
  • Financial Safeguards Checklist
  • Ministry Finances Checklist
  • Property Assessment Checklist
  • Property Inventory Checklist
  • Volunteer Labor Checklist
  • Water Damage Checklist



  • Children Youth Work Application – Sample
  • Driver Info Supplement form
  • Mechanic's Vehicle Inspection
  • Notice of Injury
  • Short-Term Mission Trip Release
  • Social Media Policy – Sample
  • Wi-Fi Terms and Conditions of Use
  • Worker Renewal Application
  • Worker's Comp (IN) - 1st Notice of Loss



  • Sample Online Privacy Policy
  • Sample Social Media Policy