Are you properly insured?  Are you paying too much for your coverage?  Do you know?

Our mission is to serve the church through superior  products and services, specialized knowledge, and deep understanding of client needs.  Our goal is to get you back to pre-loss condition as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Know your options - Make smart choices  - Pay the best price


The first step in the process is an interview with the appropriate leaders in order to identify risks and potential areas of concern.   A physical inspection of the property will also be conducted to determine the proper insurance replacement value of buildings and property.  An insurance policy review is also conducted to determine current coverage and pricing objectives.


Next we analyze the data, set requirements and appropriate limits for your individual or risk group’s needs, after which we prepare and submit your specifications to the insurance marketplace for quotations.  After receiving the various price quotations, we prepare a proposal outlining our findings for your consideration.


Our position is to help you understand your coverage so you can make informed choices.



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