Top 10 Liability Issues Facing Today's Church

  1. The church is not incorporated
  2. The church constitution has not been recently updated
  3. There is a lack of personnel policies for the church staff
  4. The church does not have a child abuse prevention policy
  5. The church does not screen paid or volunteer childcare workers
  6. The church is not adequately insured
  7. The church has not developed an adequate transportation policy
  8. Church financial records are not annually reviewed
  9. The church does not have a sexual harassment policy
  10. The church does not comply with current state and federal payroll reporting requirements

General areas of concern

  1. Legal authority of the pastor
  2. The church board
  3. The pastor as counselor
  4. Legal privilege
  5. Employee
  6. Volunteers
  7. Sexual abuse
  8. Political activity
  9. Property issues
  10. Facilities
  11. Income tax
  12. Mission trips
  13. Affinity fraud(investments)